Week 14: Persist

The webinar and Og helped me clarify the difference between persisting and not quitting.

In the MLM world, I often hear people talk about not quitting: “Don’t quit and, eventually, you will succeed,” or “the only way to fail is to quit.”  These sentiments have bothered me because, on the one hand, they are true – you obviously will not succeed if you quit.  On the other hand, however, not quitting does not guarantee success.  Many people seem to take the “don’t quit” advice as “don’t stop autoship, don’t stop liking your upline’s Facebook posts, or don’t stop going to meetings.”  While all good things, these will likely not bring success.

“Persist” seems like better advice.  To me, this implies persisting until you reach your desired ends.  Not just hanging around, but figuring it out and doing the work.  If something doesn’t work – or stops working – persist and figure it out again.  Persist in taking actions that advance you toward your goal.

The other reason I prefer the notion of persistence over not quitting relates to Haanel.  Your brain cannot fathom, let alone do, a negative thing.  How do you “not quit”?  Besides the fact that the brain does not recognize the word “not” the thought of not quitting gives no direction as to what it should do instead of quitting.  For this reason, “persist” is better advice.  It gives the brain a positive action.  Onto the direction to persist, tack on a picture of what you are persisting towards, and the subconscious really has something to work with.

Like our friend, Og, I persist until I succeed.


Author: joelhallblog

I am married with four children: twin sons who are 19 years old and currently in University (Education and Law), a son who is 15 in grade 10, and a 13 year old daughter who home-schools. I have my PhD in Educational Administration as well as a degree in Economics. I love reading, writing, learning, and teaching. I have one published book about public education and I have several more books in the works. We currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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