Week 15: Testing

So progress has been made with my book.  I completed the writing, editing, and rewriting.  I even managed to design a cover and get it into a format that could be uploaded (much more difficult than I had anticipated).  I test-ran the book with a few people – they loved it.  Looking good!

Just when I thought I was ready to hit “publish,” a reader pointed out something in the book that may cause me troubles down the road.  The details are not important, but it will cause a delay in publication.  Not only is this a pain, the hassle is compounded as this causes a delay in other things I need to do – market the book, (learn how to) create a website, create and maintain a related blog, and write more books.

So, while I feel I am being tested, their really is no temptation to quit – what would I do?  This book is a part of my DMP.  If I was to quit, I would just stagnate and get frustrated until I returned and completed what was necessary – losing whatever time I had spent in limbo.  Although I am being tested, I will persist until I succeed.

I trust your journey is going well, thanks for reading!





Author: joelhallblog

I am married with four children: twin sons who are 19 years old and currently in University (Education and Law), a son who is 15 in grade 10, and a 13 year old daughter who home-schools. I have my PhD in Educational Administration as well as a degree in Economics. I love reading, writing, learning, and teaching. I have one published book about public education and I have several more books in the works. We currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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