Week 17: Taking Initiative

This week I have chosen to blog about someone else.

The trait of the week has been taking initiative and my 15 year old son has given me plenty to notice.

He decided he wanted to get a job.  With no input or help, he created a resume for himself and went out applying.  Although there were a few setbacks, he persevered and ended up with a job at a local grocery store that works well with his schedule and seems to be a good work environment.

I really appreciated watching him take initiative – he decided his goal and then took the initiative to make it happen.  I learned a lot from him this week.

All the best,



Author: joelhallblog

I am married with four children: twin sons who are 19 years old and currently in University (Education and Law), a son who is 15 in grade 10, and a 13 year old daughter who home-schools. I have my PhD in Educational Administration as well as a degree in Economics. I love reading, writing, learning, and teaching. I have one published book about public education and I have several more books in the works. We currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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