Week 12: Focus

This weeks post will talk about that damn Haanel reading my mail.

In Lesson 12, Haanel wrote,

“Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application.”

I love to learn.  I have read countless books on a broad range of topics such as personal development, natural health, investing, spirituality, education, history, economics, biofeedback, business and management, quantum physics, parenting, psychology . . . and on and on.  Prior to MKMMA, I had read Og, Haanel, Hill, Allen, Wattles – all of them.

While I feel like I assimilate much of what I read into who I am, I have rarely received the full benefit from what I learned as I have moved from one book to the next, but not taken the time to apply the material.  This course has forced me to slow down and apply what I have learned.

I did not need Haanel to point this out to me, but one of his next statements did convict me:

“The time and thought which most persons waste in aimless effort would accomplish wonders if properly directed with some special object in view.”

Ouch.  It is time to properly direct my time and thought so I can accomplish wonders.  Part of my DMP is to follow Haanel, Emerson, and Jesus’ advice to give what I have received.  I will do this by writing a book (well, multiple books – but one at a time).  This singular focus is the success key I have been missing.

All the best to you on your journey!



Week 11: Progress

Short one today.

I finished the first draft of my book and have nearly finished revisions.  Creating a cover is the most difficult part for me.  “Do it now” has helped me remain focused and persistent.

The book is for husbands of network marketers – excellent early reviews…I am excited as my DMP begins actualizing!

I trust your journey is going well!

All the best,


Week 10: Imagination

Ok, the Haanel sit visualizing a square, then a circle, then a point, then a black cone, and then different colour cones…that has been a challenge!

The simple and boring nature of imagining a cone on the wall initially made me want to quit – plus, it was difficult!

I reminded myself that if I cannot clearly picture something in my life, it will not manifest, so I have stuck with the imaginary cone, confident that that cone represents my dreams for my life and the images on my DMP movie poster – as I imagine them clearly, they become my reality.

I also like this line in part 10:

When you win, as you will, you will know exactly why.

I like to win.

I hope your journey is going well, thanks for reading!


Week 9: Seeds

I found this week’s MK sit was quite different.  Visualizing a seed sitting in dirt, slowly growing from the inside out, until finally there is roots, the stem, leaves, and the flower.  At first, a little boring – I liked imagining my dmp in the past tense much better!

The flower analogy did get me thinking though.

A seed can sit in a bag for years.  It just lies there, dormant – little different from a rock.  Then it gets placed in some soil.  Add some water and maybe some fertilizer.  Soon, from within, life comes out of this stone.  After the roots, the stem emerges.  In spite of being immersed in darkness and planted with no “this side up” direction, as far as I know, the stem always grows upward toward the sun – like it knows where the sun is.  Not long after the stem peaks out from the dirt, a flower blooms and the purpose of the seed is finally fulfilled.

Unless I provide the right soil, water, and food, the seeds of purpose placed in me will remain dormant forever.  They will never take the initiative or force their way out – it is up to me.  That said, if I do what it takes to nurture them, they will always grow and bear fruit.

This has been a good week of sitting after all.

Thanks for reading, I hope your journey is going well!


Week 8: Origins

My MK sits have been really enlightening exercises in determining the origins of tangible things!

As I live in Canada, 1000 miles from the nearest ocean, battleships are not really something I encounter often (ever), I decided to take the principle Haanel was presenting and trace back the origins of things similar to those I have on my DMP.  Three of the things I have on my DMP are travel, home, and to write a book, so…

Sit 1, Cruise ship.  Origin: Some Italian guy had the idea he wanted provide people a way to relax and travel in luxury and/or wanted to provide his family with ample income.  Either way, something in him wanted to take care of others.

Sit 2: House.  Origin: Someone had the idea of providing himself and his family with shelter and security.  Perhaps deeper, this idea came from an innate, God-given desire to look after those he loves.

Sit 3: Greatest Salesman Book.  Origin: Og had an idea he wanted (needed?) to share.  Deeper, he had something divinely placed in him that God needed shared with the world.  The two million copies and the impact made on countless people, are all a result of the seed of improving humanity.  I am also guessing that Og made a few bucks along the way as well.

What I have learned: As I review my press release and consider my DMP in the past tense, I can easily see that whatever great things I accomplish or receive are all traceable back to a seed that was placed in me already.  When the fruit manifests, it not only helps others, but I benefit as well.  Additionally, the fact that I desire those things are proof that the seed is there.

Haanel says everything can be traced back to a thought.  I agree.  Further, I think every thought can be traced back to something already inside of us (which is probably what he meant when in a previous chapter he wrote that you cannot appreciate a painting unless there was already something in you that connected you to the painting (paraphrased obviously).

So these sits have been great!

One thing I have wrestled with:

Haanel said to focus on good, don’t hate evil.  And while I agree that those who hate evil have tended toward more difficult lives (Lincoln, King Jr., Mandela, etc), is there a chance that was just their lot in life toward making the world a better place for those who came after?

As someone who is more geared to hate evil, I am not sure what to do with this.  I would prefer the harmonious, peaceful life of good-lovers, but I do not seem to be wired that way – and I do not know if my wiring can or should change in this area (could Lincoln have accomplished what he did if he merely loved freedom without hating slavery?).

Regardless, I will accept the principle and, whenever possible, I will consciously seek to love good as much or more than I hate evil.

I am always learning.

Thanks for reading.  I hope your journey is going well,



Week 7:Awareness

This week I have noticed a dramatic increase in my awareness of my thoughts and my choices regarding how I spend my time.  What I am most aware of is my inner voice saying “I don’t have time for this” when I am doing things that do not advance my DMP (or accomplish my homework for this course).  This is a welcome feeling as it reminds me of Og Scroll 1 regarding how it is a pleasure to perform tasks we enjoy, and becoming slave to my good habits.

I have found my Haanel sits extremely enjoyable as I talk to my friend about successfully accomplishing my DMP.  As the imagined conversation progressed, we discovered that as my DMP was realized, it provided him with an opportunity to realize his dreams as well.  I liked that movie and will watch it again!

Finally, I have really enjoyed the comments and feedback I have received from my blog.  It is always fascinating to hear the perspective other people have on your experience.  And while I also find it very informative to witness the journey of others, I must confess that this past week I have been somewhat negligent in following blogs.  I will rectify this.  And I always keep my promises!

All the best!


Week 6: Uneasiness

So, the past week or two has brought some unusual headaches and uneasiness/anxiety in the pit of my stomach.  Symptoms flare up during MKE webinar, when I get my DMP comments back, and when I do some of the MKE exercises.

I have helped enough people use health products to remove toxins from their body to recognized the symptoms of a detox.  Obviously my body is reacting to the discomfort of my blueprint being changed – and it is not comfortable.  So, like I tell people to do when they experience unpleasant symptoms during a physical detox, I will persist through the discomfort knowing that bad things are being removed and health will emerge.  A new and better blueprint is being created.

During the webinars, Mark seems almost apologetic for how childish the exercises are.  I was thinking about this.  It makes sense to me that “it is that simple.”  Simplicity means that almost anyone can do it.  If God designed the things we are doing to be the keys to success, it would be unjust if it were so difficult that some people were not capable, right?

My shape finding has gone better.  Rather than always having to consciously think about looking for shapes, I am sometimes just finding myself noticing them.  Also, first thing some mornings, I find myself mumbling things from my DMP before I really am even awake.  I take that as a good sign that things are getting into my subconscious.

Finally, I am finding the technology aspect a little overwhelming and I feel behind and out of the loop.  I watched the Twitter video yesterday, but I still feel lost.  Baby steps.