Week 5: Persistence

As I persist in the exercises, I am noticing changes.  Perhaps the most significant is the ease in which I can now step into my DMP and visualize the various aspects of my created life.  Not only can I get into it much more quickly, I have been able to add more and more detail.  It reminds me of learning to drive – when you first start driving you have to focus so much on things like your speed and staying between the lines.  Before long, however, these things become habit and you start noticing more and more of what is going on around you.  At first my DMP was a strange place, but it is feeling more and more like home.

One thing that has not yet become habit is the colour/shape noticing.  When I read my cards I remind myself to take notice when I am out, but this has not happened as much as I would like.  I will persist in this as well.

I trust all is going well with my fellow MKE members – I have read many of your blogs and thoroughly enjoyed them!



Week 4: Vision

I left this week’s webinar with a pit in my stomach.  The content was great and I can really see where this is heading, but the financial burden for the cost of the course is real.  I look forward to the day when I look back and laugh that I even blinked at spending $400 bucks for something like this!

As for the actual course, I am thoroughly enjoying the reading (well, the MK at least.  The Scroll Marked 1 is getting a little played) and the visualizations.  I am consciously trying to focus on repeating over and over my DMP and corresponding vision board (cut and pasted some pics from the internet onto a Powerpoint slide).  While still working on my DMP, I am more focusing on my desired outcome than I am on the how – the how will reveal itself.

I am also enjoying following some of the other member’s blogs – interesting seeing what parts people are loving and what they are struggling with.


Week 3: Routine

This past week has been good as I get into a routine of reading, sitting, and thinking.  I have found removing “will” from Scroll 1 has helped revitalize it, and most often I read it out loud.  Just to shake it up, sometimes I read along with the Og Mandino reading on YouTube.

The creation/revisions of my DMP has been an excellent exercise.  Including dates while writing in present tense was a challenge, but I found that by the time I submitted my DMP for review, I was thinking what I had written was already a done deal, so that is a good sign.  I am also a little confused…we were encouraged to include the “how” of how we will get the things we desire, but in MK it indicates that your written goals are not to include the how as “the finite cannot command the infinite” (or something like that).  For the sake of following with the MKMMA program, I included a how in my DMP.

Which brings me to my favourite part of the MKMMA – reading the Master Key System.  In life, I am generally a contrarian as I believe that if society’s normal behaviour (in eating, education, business, healthcare, etc) was right, people would be doing better than they are in life; so doing the opposite (or at least different) from common practice is a good start.  I like that the MK is also contrarian – it focuses on the inner world first, rather than the outer.  Haanel is challenging me to reconsider and adjust not just what I think, but the way I think.  Awesome!

Week 2: Continuing

Overall, week 1 went pretty well.  Some of the technical issues were rectified so that is great.  I am still not sure if I am doing this blog correctly or if it is set up properly, but I am assuming tonight’s webinar will help clarify that.

As for the daily assignments from this past week, it has been an interesting process to just keep repeating the same material over and over.  In order to help stay engaged, sometimes I read along with an audio of the readings I downloaded from YouTube.

I found the sitting still for 15 minutes to be reasonably easy, but today I started the ‘stilling your mind’ addition to be much more challenging.  I tried to focus on my breathing and did fairly well…for about 10 minutes, then it became much more difficult.

I loved hearing about the PPNs and can easily see how important it is to incorporate my personal needs with my DMP, I will revisit my DMP tomorrow.

I have much anticipation for what is to come as a result of this experience!

Week 1.1: Early Frustrations

I am trying to be patient as I know that online courses have a learning curve.  Even though I have taken online courses and even taught a few, I am still frustrated right now!

For one, this blog.  I was supposed to be able to just create a blog link from the Training Solutions website, but that kept telling me “invalid email” and taking me in circles.  I do not know if the link to this blog is suitable for the course.

Next, I tried submitting my DMP onto the MKE site but it told me I was over the 400 words even though I was only at 332.  I assume it is a glitch between copy and pasting Word and the site software, but it won’t let me resubmit.  Frustrating!

Last, I downloaded the Masterkey app.  It lets me do the daily checklist, but when I try to login it says I have wrong password.  When I try to reset password, it just takes me in circles through the site.

On the upside, I downloaded the Marco Polo app and although it is strange to me, it seems to be working fine – I have already received and sent a message to my guide – so that is good!

Patience.  It will come together.


Week 1: MasterKey Begins

My situation is apparently unlike many who are participating in this program.  Mark has said numerous times that they are assuming that we have not been in a classroom recently and/or that we have not read a whole lot lately.    Over the past number of years, I have been on one side of the classroom or the other quite a lot as either a professor/teacher or as a student, and I have read a ton of books.  So, for me, the change will be in the prolonged study of just a few books and in the practical application of what I am learning.

Our first assignment was to read Part 1 of The Master Key and then to do what Haanel suggests and just sit perfectly still for at least fifteen minutes.  To try to do this uninterrupted, I did the reading and sitting in my car in the garage (car wasn’t running – the course just started and isn’t that bad, so far!).

I found Haanel’s points to be excellent reminders of the reality of life, and the style of writing produces a very logical progression towards the conclusion that everything in my life begins in my mind.  At times, my previous religious programming starts screaming in my head, but when I analyze it, pretty much everything comes down to semantics – just using different words to say the same thing.

Surprisingly, I found the 15 minutes of complete stillness to be easier than expected.  Not having to worry about controlling my thoughts seemed to relieve the pressure of the stillness – I only had to focus on physical discipline, not mental…yet.  I repeated the reading/sitting ritual in my car this morning, and I quite enjoyed it.

I look forward to learning, doing, changing, and improving myself over these next 6 months, and then being able to pass on what I have learned to my kids, my students, and others.